Is it really true you can kayak across the border into Mexico as in “Into the Wild”?



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    Let’s put it this way– you can cross into Mexico on a kayak, but it would be ill advised.

    Border crossing laws regarding Mexico have changed in the last few years. Growing up in Texas, I’ve crossed in an inflatable raft, in a canoe, on a donkey, and once we just waded across. Other than sanitation concerns in the Rio Grande that make swimming across no bueno, recent laws have closed the border in many areas.

    Going to Mexico isn’t the hard part. Getting back to the U.S. without an issue can be a chore. You now need to cross at a legitamate border checkpoint. You will need a valid I.D. and a passport. Border Patrol officers may search your car and question passengers, but they usually only do this on the way back into the U.S.


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