Is it really a problem if an electric car doesn’t make noise?



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    Not really, it will just be tough for people to get used to. It is just odd for a lot of people to drive a car that makes no noise after pretty much every car we have driven in the past has made noise. It really has no bearing on the performance of the car, it is just something that people have to get used to.

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    It is not a real problem per say, that electric cars don’t make noise. People are accustomed to using all of their senses to tell if a car is coming, feeling for vibrations in the road, smelling exhaust, seeing the car, and of course, hearing the car. If a person relies heavily on their ability to hear the car to identify that a car is around them, they will have trouble initially adjusting their senses to look for cars in other ways. It is a general obliviousness of pedestrians that makes electric cars dangerous. If people were more cautious when crossing the street, the lack of noise would not be such a problem.

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