Is it realistic to think we can ever harvest 100% of the suns energy ever?



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    I’m not sure what you’re asking. In order to harvest 100% of the sunlight that hits earth, we would need a solar panel everywhere the sun hits earth. This is unrealistic and unideal because we couldn’t enjoy the sunshine and we only need a fraction of that energy to power our entire planet, anyway! You may be asking about solar panel efficiency. I don’t think it is likely we will be able to manufacture 100% efficient solar panels. First, it’s difficult to make a solar panel so perfect that no sun energy is wasted as heat. Most solar panels, right now, achieve less than half their theoretical solar energy conversion capacity. However, I think it’s likely that solar panels engineering will get better and better as we develop materials that absorb sunlight at every available wavelength. However, those panels, if we develop them, would be really expensive, at least initially. For this reason, I think the focus should be on development of cheaper solar panels, to replace all nonrenewable energy sources, rather than more effiicient ones.

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