Is it possible to use Compostable or Biodegradeable electronic components to manufacture amplification and speaker cones for small portable speaker system ?



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    It’s possible, but not optimal.

    When looking for a business recycling opportunity, you want something with a big impact, with a low cost. If you found a way to recycle the millions of old tires in the world 10% more cost-effectively — the world would beat a path to your door.

    But a way to recycle hubcaps on certain 1964 Pontiacs is going to generate a lot less interest.

    But the real problem with the “target market”, so to speak, is that speakers are ultra-high tech. Incredible amounts of money have been poured into development for decades, by some of the biggest companies in the world. The results are exceptional technology, produced at reasonable cost.

    And the speaker cones are a critical part of that. Absolutely anything that even seemed reasonably plausible has been tried. At every price point, for every size, every quality, there is a suitable product.

    For a biodegradable material to win out on price and performance, it would have to beat one of the standards — by a considerable margin. My guess is that someone could invest literally millions — and still fail. (And remember that research by big business hasn’t stopped either!)

    Finally, there’s the quantity involved, the amount of material, the quality of material. Existing speaker cones are often biodegradable — they tend to fall apart naturally after 10 years. So you wouldn’t be replacing a technology that had a horribly negative impact.

    A better opportunity, just as a quick, casual example might be Fast Food wrappers. Apparently they are toxic even TOUCHING food! (See the article below.) There are a heck of a lot made, they are toxic. Even if you couldn’t convince McDonalds to change their evil ways, maybe you could convince McDonald’s customers to buy a handy “French Fry Warmer”, to dump a couple large orders into, and keep the little guys munchable for a couple hours!

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