Is it possible to sustain the current global population?



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    If we continue down our current path, no.

    Is it possible to change that path? Yes.

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    I think we are in an interesting position as probably the first animal that can be intellectually aware of such a problem. You have to wonder whether or not we really can stop it (i.e. the problem is too big for us to fix), or even if we should. Our survival instinct tells us to try, but our instinct to procreate is a strong opposing force. Trying to control population opens a Pandora’s Box of issues including questions of personal freedom and having to create a fair mechanism by which we choose who gets to make babies. It is hard for me to see how such a mechanism could be created without marginalizing one group or another.

    It is inevitable that we are going to die out some day. It is just a question of when it happens and what ultimately does us in. I don’t think it makes much of a difference if the cause is overpopulation or a meteor that hits the Yucatan peninsula.

    As an additional note, I think it is immoral for government or anyone else to regulate sexual behavior. Perhaps it would be better to focus on issues that do not create a direct affront to something so basic to us as procreation.

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    I don’t think a meteor and exhausting all of the Earth’s resources are quite the same. Think of The Planet of the Apes, would Charlton Heston have been as upset if it turned out human civilisation was destroyed by a meteor and not our own horrible actions? I think it is immensely worse and different to be self destructing maniacs, than innocent bystanders in the wrong orbit at the wrong time.

    That being said, humanity will end, and we all die. But, I will try to make every day between now and death (whether it is tomorrow or 60 years from now) as pleasent, healthy, and get as many good days out of life as possible. 

    I’d just rather humans were not the end of the world, rather the end of the world ends us. So, I recycle and walk and won’t have as many babies as I am physically able to. 

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    Yes. Now, will the quality of life remain good for as many of us that currently have it now if the population growth rate doesn’t slow down? Maybe. Eventually, colonization of another planet or moon may be the only resort. Also, I think now (and possibly in the past) we are seeing more resource wars. The Middle East has been invaded for who knows how long by the British, Soviets, Americans, etc. I think most of us now know a major factor in that…oil. Maybe one day the great lakes will be a big target?

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