Is it possible to stop global warming?



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    We hesitate to use the words possible and impossible as what doesn’t seem possible now can often radically change as new technologies and discoveries come to light.  However, it is not likely that we can outright stop global warming.  Global warming is a naturally occurring process that is being exacerbated by human activities.  So, even if we were able to cut all greenhouse emissions and somehow remove existing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, we could not stop the naturally occurring process that is energized by the sun and the wobble of our planet.  Rather than stopping it, efforts to address climate change are focused on both lessing the impacts and, in turn, adapting to and mitigating inevitable impacts.  To illustrate the extremes, we are headed towards either a slightly warmer planet with slightly altered weather patterns and regional climates or we are headed towards a world so drastically altered as to no longer be able to support human life.  Where we end up between these two extremes is dependent on what we do in unison as a global society to address the issue and to alter our behaviors that are causing the problems.

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    No. The damage has already been done and is not reversible at this point as on a daily basis more and more greenhouse gases are expelled into our atmosphere at a greater rate than the earth and plants can absorb them because of the infrastructure our society has built around polluting technologies that we rely on a daily basis. Measures can be taken to ease the impact of global warming, but it is something to be prepared for and ride out until new technologies are implemented in place of the polluting ones we have today. 

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    It’s possible to stop further damage from global warming.  However, this is difficult given that political action is necessary to halt any further damage.  If all greenhouse gas emissions and pollutant emissions ceased, further damage from global warming may cease, however, as a society, we rely on many industries that emit pollutants, and politics and the economy interferes with a lot of the decision making that affects global warming issues.

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