Is it possible to stop extinction of plant and animal species?



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    Yes – we have already done so by creating programs such as Endangered Species Act created in 1973.  It was one of severeal laws designed to protect species that were critically close to extinction.   These laws were needed due to increased hunting and fishing, increasing land use and growth of human populations.  While on the list, it is illegal to hunt, kill, pick, or move any animal or plant listed.  Since then, bison, bald eagles, peregrine falcons, grey wolfs, grizzly bears and more that were put on the list until they were able to increase the numbers and provide safe habitat, are now what is called “delisted” and considered to be safe at this time.

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    Yes it is possible stop extinction of plant and animal species by encouraging and protecting habitat for these species. This must occur on a large scale and become an interest of industry. If industry would design with these ideals in mind products would not be less toxic but would be actually beneficial to produce. This sort of thing can be achieved through smarter and more holistic design. Rather than focusing on a single goal of an end product, focus must be placed on the process and by-products that will result in “effluents” that promote healthy ecosystems for all species to thrive.

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