Is it possible for someone to be entirely self-sufficient?



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    Being self-sufficient requires being completely dependent on yourself and surroundings for survival. This means no trips to the grocery store for food, or going out to eat at your favorite restaurants. You have to complete rely on your wits and the land to keep you alive. This is a lot harder to accomplish in the United States because there is virtually no free public land, and there are a lot of technical issues like hunting permits you need to get before you are allowed to forage for your own food. However, in a country with more open land, it is possible. There are many self-sufficient tribes in Africa, South America, and Asia that just rely on themselves and their ability to hunt and grow crops to survive.

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    It might be possible.  looking back, there is evidence of sustainable living within a community, but never as an individual.  That would require one to grow or hunt their own food, without using any outside resources, or the help of a group or tribe.  The amish rely on eachother and the income from their goods, scavengers eat others leftovers, hunters and gatherers are in groups. Who knows though

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