Is it possible for someone to be entirely self-sufficient?



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    I think it is definitely possible. However, it depends on how you describe self-sufficient. If it involves growing and manufacturing all your foods and supplies than yes, I do believe so–with the right tools and knowledge. If it involves not killing any animals or plants and using no external energy sources, than no. 

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    It is possible but it requires a lot of work.  You would need to either make a lot of sacrifices or have a lot of knowledge.  You would need a well for your own water and know how to maintain it.  Also you would need a power source and know how to maintain that as well.  This doesn’t even take into account that you would need to grow all of your own fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs and also have your own livestock.  It would be a beautiful thing to be completely self-sufficient but it is definitely a difficult one as well.

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    I think it’s possible, but it would be immensely difficult, and as others mentioned you would have to know an awful lot about pretty much everything in order to be sucessful for any amount of time, let alone to survive for years. For as long as humans have been around they have lived in groups, because shared knowledge and learning from other people’s mistakes is the best way to survive. Even primates typically live in groups. There is safety in numbers, and as I said a few people can hold onto a lot more know-how and experience than just one. Unfortunately, we humans are social creatures, and even if you managed to survive on your own, you would inevitably crave social interaction, and would likely become very depressed over time.  

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    There are numerous novels written by people who have wandered out into the bush in Alaska and survived on their own.  Some have had a few supplies like a pack and tools to help them.  As far as the feasibility of it, consider the history of native peoples.  They lived thousands of years being entirely self-sufficient through hunting and gathering, with no metropolises to rely on for manufactured goods.

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