Is it possible to save my dying kentia palm

About 6 months ago, my once tall green and healthy 2 year old Kentia Palm which has always remanded in the same in the same place in my living room started to look have some browning on the tips of the leaves. I figured it was overwatering. After pulling back the frequent watering, and trimming only the brown tips (at an angle) I then began to see that the smaller fronds from the root ball the top became dry and shriveled up. No bugs present. I had even repotted the soil. Now my 8 foot tall, looks to be all but dead. Of the 3 bulbs that make the Kentia, only 2 have one green frond. What should I do? Trim all the dead fronds back? Or throw my by poor tree away?
Any advise would be greatly appreciated!



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    Here are some tips that should help you care for your plant. Kentia palms are not tolerable to severe dryness or over watering. They prefer moist much of the time, however do allow top 1 to 2 inches of soil to dry before watering again. If frond tips are turning brown and the fronds are droopy, you are probably not watering the plant enough. On the opposite side, if the leaf tips are yellowing then becoming brown, chances are you are over watering the palm. The Kentia, like many palms, is extremely sensitive to chemicals in the water. Therefore be sure to use untreated water for this house plant and all your palms

    The Kentia palm prefers bright, indirect light but will also tolerate lower light levels. In lower light levels the plant’s appearance will seem fine; however it just won’t quite have the healthy look preferred. If you notice spotting on the upper fronds, the plant may be getting too much bright light, so try and move it to an area with a lower amount of direct sunlight.

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