Is it possible to save endangered coral reefs?



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    Researchers are working on ways to save coral reefs.  Warming ocean waters, overfishing, and pollution contribute to endangerment of coral reefs.  One development is by Smithsonian researcher Mary Hagedorn who developed coral bank.  Coral bank allows sperm and eggs of different coral species to be frozen and stored in a lab until the seas (hopefully) become safe for releasing.  If interested in a foundation that works to spread awareness on the coral reef crisis, visit the Save the Coral Reefs website at

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    An interesting idea/practice that has developed around concern for the future of coral reefs is to use them as “green” burial sites. The thought is to create “a material and system that would replicate the natural marine environment that supports coral and microorganism development”, i.e. make use of human remains as a grwoing medium for other life forms. I don’t know if it is the single-handed solution, but it’s a fascinating concept. Check out the site below:

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