Is it possible for private citizens to provide electricity for power grids?



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    Great question!  It is definitely possible for private citizens to provide electricity to a power grid, all you need to do is generate electricity!  People are already doing so, mainly by solar and wind power.  If a person is able to generate enough solar power via solar panels on their property for their own use and has extra, it can go back into the grid and the individual can receive a check from the electric company instead of paying them.  It is common for people to provide electricity to the electric company during the summer and then need to supplement their production in the winter by purchasing electricity back from the supplier, depending on the amount of sun they receive.

    It’s important to talk to the electric company before trying to set up a system to supply them with excess electricity.  There may be special permits or equipment that needs to be purchased/set up.  Individuals may also be eligible for grants from the government for using solar power!  

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