Is it possible to power your entire house with solar power?



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    It is possible, but not cheap. There are a few key factors that would make a fully solar powered home easier to handle for your wallet.

    The first is that having gas power along with the solar for your appliances (stove, water heater etc.) is essential. Trying to use solar for all of theses things, while possible, would not be worth the cost.

    You would also have to adapt your appliances for solar power. A laptop compared to a desktop, small refrigerator, fluorescent light bulbs, a small (possibly black and white) TV would all be necessary to keep consumption at low levels.

    The location of the house is key. Solar power is expensive. Electricity in big cities is expensive. Trying to have a completely solar house in a big city would be expensive to the point that a majority of people could not afford it. A house in the country with great sun exposure would be ideal.

    While it is possible to have a fully solar powered house, it’s just not practical in the long run. Solar power, until it’s technology advances, is best to accompany your normal electricity to help cut your footprint.

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