Is it possible to have a paperless office setting?



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    I work for a company that has been working to become paperless. Inter-office correspondence has been done via email and IM for quite some time, but we recently have made some other changes as well. For instance, we no longer get pay stubs, but log in to our payroll account to view stubs, and also do things like request time off and view benefits. Our walls were recently painted with “whiteboard paint” so we can take markers and write on the walls to illustrate ideas! I can’t say the last time I remember seeing a piece of paper at work!

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    Yes!  It takes awareness, creativity and effort but it can be done.  Almost all paperwork can be stored electronically, and even accommodate signatures.  Everything should be stored on a back-up, just in case there’s a system meltdown and all information gets lost.  But there’s no reason paper has to be a necessity.

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