Is it possible to have an indoor landfill?



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    It is possible, but I don’t see why anyone would bother. With outdoor landfills, there is a chance that natural processes would work to decompose the waste. The problem with most landfills is that they don’t get enough aeration to compost organic material. Plus, there are other materials mixed in with the organic materials that may kill microorganisms which digest compost. Thus, in order to reduce the need for landfills, some municipalities are separating organic waste from other waste and composting them outdoors. The compost can then be sold to farmers and the space can be re-used for more composting.

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    I suppose you could, but it would smell really bad.  I mean when I drive past a landfill it smells really bad, so I can’t even imagine having one confined indoors.  I’m not sure if you are just wondering if it is possible to have one inside or if you are considering makeing your own personal landfill, but if it is the latter, I would suggest a compost pile.  They are easy to tend to and don’t smell!

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