Is it possible to grow enough crops both for manufacturing (biofuel, bioplastic, etc) and to provide food for everyone?



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    One of the best potential biofuel sources out there is actually algae. Algae can be grow in any pool of water, consumes carbon dioxide instead of producing it, and can be refined in a regular diesel refinery. If this resource is developed it is possible to provide biofuel and food.

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    I completely agree with vagamundo. Algea is a wonderful biofuel source. I just want to add that in case of shortages the United States already overproduces food–by about 48%. Even if some land were put to use for alternative fuel sources, we would be fine! Assuming that biofuels and other alternative fuels power the machines we use to harvest these crops, we wouldn’t waste any more energy in creating these fuel sources, either!

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