is it possible to force genetic mutation on humans?

Im not talking like x-men although i do mean giving a man gills and webing or mabe one or the other but if they are able to please tell me a place that will do it.



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    If I understand what your asking – the answer is no.  There is not currently anyone that can do what your asking.  Research facilities and companies that work in the genetics fields are also not doing that type of human experimentation.  Human’s can be born with many genetic mutations though, such as webbing which is called Syndactyly (one or more digits fusing together.)   In early human embryo development, humans do have a gill slit – but not functional gills.  All vertebrates have gill slits.

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      ok if you do then are you aware of another way to breath underwater without a crap load of gear

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      Yes – there is something called “liquid breathing” or sometimes “fluid breathing” which is when an air-breathing organism (such as a human or a mouse), breathes an oxygen-rich liquid, like perflurocarbon, rather than breathing air. It has been done with a mouse and can be seen on YouTube or in the movie The Abyss, however, this has not been perfected for the uses you are asking about and it has only been used in humans for clinical, and medical studies at this time.

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    Who knows what our government is doing without our knowledge?

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    At the moment, if someone were to mutate your genetics, they would most likely kill you. You get your genetic traits from alleles, which are genes on a chromosome. Thus, to mutate, you would have to change your alleles. If people have mutations, such as the ones you speak of, they’re born with them. Sometimes, diseases, such as cancer, cause mutations. To “force” genetic mutation on a human, one would have to either implant new DNA or expose the human to radiation. Both options would be too stressful for your body, and would likely kill you. Experimenting on humans is considered unethical, and as there aren’t any safe ways to mutate, I highly doubt any laboratories would do it.

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      you seem to know what I’m trying to get at but if not mutation what about surgery I would think at least webbing is possible but are you aware of any possible way to breath underwater with out a bunch of equipment

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      There would be no way to allow you to naturally breathe underwater without surgery or mutation that would kill you. Your body would not be able to undertake so much stress. I’ve never heard of anyone doing surgery to add webbing, but perhaps (though doubtably), it is possible. If you want to simulate the effect of webbing, I recommend you simply use flippers when swimming.

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    It would take an extreme amount of science in order to actually be able to FORCE a mutation on a set of alleles. Natural mutation happens in the environment all the time, but it is accidental swapping and trading of the alleles. The amount of science (and therefore funding) that is needed is an extraordinary amount. Yes we may be able to tweak DNA, enhance a trait to the point of expression and inhibit another, but I would like to imagine that we are far off from even messing with alleles.

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