Is it possible to domesticate new animals and plants today?



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    Yes, technically, it is. Domestication relies on two things: picking the right plant or animal to breed (the second link below shows some pitfalls with this when trying to domesticate animals. For example, some animals will not breed in captivity, and thus cannot be domesticated) and being able to alter the reproduction of the plants or animals to promote certain traits. Of course, many, if not most, plants and animals will naturally not be fit for domestication, and we have already domesticated many different species.

    For an example of modern domestication, fairly recent in history bison became largely domesticated. You can now buy bison-fur yarn, or bison burgers.

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    Yes, we continue to domesticate animals even today. This is done through genetic breeding and captive breeding programs. In terms of animals, we have only recently domesticated bison, emus, and ostriches, which are now used for food.

    It should be noted that professional breeders and experts should do the domestication. An amateur person should not try to take a wild animal and make it domestic. A lot of people have tried this with wild animals such as cougars and tigers, alligators and large snakes and many species of monkeys. It is very dangerous because wild animals are unpredictable. Most domestic animals have been bred for many generations and interacted with humans throughout that time. Their aggression is usually bred out of them and they are able to live peacefully with humans.

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