Is it possible for developing countries to be eco-friendly and prosper?



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    It is actually more feasible for a less developed country to be eco-friendly than for a more developed country. Nations that resist industrial trends and temptations of outsourcing, can use local resources to create a healthy and prosperous community. Costa Rica is a good example of this. The country is visited by 1.7 million tourists a year, and has one of the most ambitious conservation programs in the region even-though historically this was not so. 

    Costa Rica is infamous for maintaining an “unarmed” democracy, the country dispersed the army it once had. It is historically stable nation both socially and politically. The country is rich in resources and wildlife, making it economically independent. It also is successful exporter of coffee and bananas. It maintains sustainable farming practices with limited disruption to the land and responsible water use.

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    In the long run it will be, because as certain natural resources become scarcer, the idea of “prosper” is going to have less to do with economic growth and more to do with sustainability.  THere cannot be infinite growth in a world with finite resources, and ultimately whatever countries are using their resources wisely and producing their own necessities within the country (whether developing or 1st world) are going to be better off.   


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