Is it possible to decommission a nuclear power plant?



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    Yes, it is possible, but there are very strict guidelines.  To do so, the cost is between $300-$400 million.  There are 3 stages involved in decommissioning: inital activities, major decommissioning activities, and license termination activities.  The link I have attached gives a lot of information about the process.

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    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has set standards on decomissioning a power plant which includes reducing its radioactivity to appropriate residual levels after the plant is no longer in service removing it entirely from being a working plant. There are 3 different strategies put forth by the commission by which a plant can decommission itself. See the link below to read more about the three ways to go about decommission.

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    Like everyone else mentioned, there are very stict guidelines in decomissioning a nuclear power plant. It’s also important to know that the waste from the nuclear power plant will take many years of being looked after. This isn’t something that can just be shut down over night, and there are many risks that still need to be monitored. 

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