is it possible to create a green landfil?



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    It is possible to have a more environmentally friendly landfill. There are a couple different ways that this is done. These are:

    – New landfills are now built to be operated, regulated, tested and monitored in an environmentally responsible way. It also takes 5 to 7 years for new landfills to be permitted and created in order that they are as environmentally friendly as possible. This means they are incredibly expensive because of all the expertise and planning required.

    – Landfills are now built gas and leachate collective controls as well as liners, which protect the ground from the garbage, which is then covered daily. The final cover is also monitored to ensure safe disposal of the garbage.

    Of course there are limits to how environmentally friendly this process can be, but the greener we try to make it the better for everyone.

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