Is it possible to construct a homemade wind turbine?



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    Absolutely!  Many people have constructed homemade wind turbines for next to nothing compared to a commercially produced wind turbine.  The essential component needed are:

    1. A generator

    2. Blades

    3. A mounting that keeps it turned into the wind

    4. A tower to get up into the wind

    5. Batteries and an electronic control system

    From here the instructions vary a bit, but both sources cited below offer in depth instructions on how to build a homemade wind turbine.

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    Yes, you can build your own wind turbine without paying thousands of dollars to have a professional build and install it. It can still be pricey, though, depending from where you buy your supplies. You’ll need the rotor, body, tail, and tower. Make sure to look up step-by-step directions though. There may even be kits on eBay or Amazon.

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