Is it possible to charge electric cars wirelessly?



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    It is possible. This is a technology that is still being perfected but is very much real. Qualcomm, a wireless technology company, has been working on a product called the Halo which will have the capacity to charge your electric vehicle anywhere using inductive power. This is a type of power that uses magnets as opposed to batteries or a traditional electric current. The way the Halo works is with a pad that is placed on the ground, and a charging plate that attaches to the bottom of the vehicle. All one would have to do is simply drive the car on top of the pad and the magnetic currents will transfer 3.5 kilowatts at greater than 90% efficiency. This is just as good, if not better than traditional wired charging. This product is scheduled to go through testing on 50 vehicles in London this year and, if proven successful, could be on the market by 2013. 

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