Is it possible to buy animal-friendly shoes with leather in them?



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    Depends on what you call animal friendly. Any true leather must come from an animal’s skin–not very friendly, even if the animal is killed humanely. But some companies make “vegan” shoes that are similar to leather. 

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    Yeah, I’m not sure what you mean by “animal-friendly” leather. There are more and more leather companies that process their leather with more ecologically sustainable processes, such as vegetable dyes instead of chemicals in the tanning processes. But I haven’t found a company that states it doesn’t kill animals for the leather although they may exist. Leather alternatives, as it turns out, are not very sustainable since they are made of things like PVC. PJUX is a company that makes shoes using more sustainable processes, including vegetable-tanned leather parts. Their shoes are very long-lasting which is a very important aspect when you buy leather goods. 

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    The polyurethane fibers used to make synthetic leather are derived from oils, largely petrochemicals, but also vegetable oils.

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    Let’s hear it for hemp.  You can buy hemp shoes, sandals, and socks among other items online.  Hemp is resistant to molds and bacteria so feet are less likely to smell.  Also, they’re biodegradeable.  Good question and above answers show how hard it is to be really animal friendly with leather.  The more we buy these products, the more ikely it is the price will come down.

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