Is it possible to build concrete house or building above the river?

Land is very expensive if it is in the heart of the city. A river runs through the city for few miles. Above the river the space is empty. Is it possible to erect houses or office buildings above the rivers with proper structure? Is there any company specialise in this area in the US or other countries?



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    Frank Lloyd Wright did it! Check out Falling Water:

    As for architects that specialize in this, you may wish to contact the folks at Falling Water for recommendations.


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    It sounds like you’re essentially talking about building houses or office buildings on bridges, which is probably possible. Another idea would be floating buildings (see: Venice). The problem that you’re going to run into with any of these ideas, however, is river traffic. Anything you build over water is going to have to either be high enough to allow all kinds of ships through or have some kind of mechanism to raise it.

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