Is it possible to bring extinct animals back to life through genetic science?



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    This concept is definitely theoretically possible, though I’m not sure how probable or what the chances of success actually are. A group of scientists at Yale are actually attempting this very process and believe it may be possible to “resurrect a tortoise species hunted to extinction by whalers visiting the Galapagos Islands during the early 19th century.” However, they found that the whole process will take at least four generations (100 years) of selective breeding to bring a genetically identical member of this type of turtle back to life. 

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    Scientists are on the right track to cloning extinct species.  Through trial and error we have learned that viable DNA can only be taken up to 5 days after death or if the animal has been preserved.  As species are going becoming increasingly more endangered, scientists are preserving DNA samples to hopefully reintroduce them at a later date.  A very rare Asian ox was cloned and was successfully birthed by a cow.  However, it died of disease shortly after birth.  It’s very difficult to retrieve viable DNA from already extinct species, but there are many scientists who are still attempting to extract DNA from mammoths.

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