Is it possible for bottled water companies to store their water in biodegradable bottles?



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    Do you mean “to store” or “to sell”? They could put water in glass bottles, but glass takes a very long time to biodegrade. Plastic bottles are cheaper than glass bottles and therefore I don’t think these companies have much incentive to change.

    I haven’t heard of an alternative biodegradable bottle. One time Upstate, I ate at a restaruant which used biodegradable straws. By the end of the meal, the straw was falling apart. It was a cute and sustainable idea, but obviously this biodegradable material wouldn’t work in storing liquid.

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    There are actually 100% bio-plastic water bottles. These plant based bottles are toxin free and carbon neutral. These bottles us 65% less energy and fuel to produce. They are compostable, and consumers may reuse them if they so choose.

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