Is it OK to throw old toothpaste tubes into the trash?



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    It is acceptable to throw out old toothpaste tubes. They usually aren’t fit for recycling. If even the tiniest amount of toothpaste is left inside, it would contaminant the recycling process.

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    No…Toothpaste tubes are recyclable!

    This link offers instructions:

    If you really want to be eco-friendly, Tom’s of Maine SLS-Free toothpaste comes in a recyclable aluminum tube, which can be recycled after the cap is removed from the tube. They not only research their packaging to improve recyclability, but you can even send them your old toothpaste tubes!

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    It’s not really ok, per se, in that they will just go to a landfill and cause pollution in the soil. However, as of yet, toothpaste tubes are relatively hard to recycle. Very few curbside recycling companies in the US will take them, and its hard to even deliver places. If you can find particular companies with recycable tubes (as noted in the comment above), or websites that will take them, go for it! It’s unfortunate that it’s not easier or more common!

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