Is it ok to get my daily vegetables from drinking V8?



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    Technically, you do get a serving of veggies or fruit with a V8 or V8 Splash, however, they are both high in sodium and both contain high fructose corn-syrup. So if you are trying to avoid either of these items, it might be better to just eat a piece of fruit or a vegetable.

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    The only real problem with is the fact that V8 doesn’t have any fiber, although it does contain the vitamins and minerals that you would get from a regular serving of vegetables. If you want to get the fiber you need, you need to actually eat some veggies–although this can be a horrific experience for some! 🙂 Another concern about getting your veggies from V8 is the sodium, but there are low sodium varieties. I enjoy the V8 soups most of all! I’m not sure if these are better for you than the juice in terms of sodium and fiber, but you might want to check them out!

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    If I was a nutritionist, I would say yes. That would be because I would assume that if I mix all the nutrients together that should be good enough. But in reality, nutrition is more complex than that. The compounds in the actual vegetables exist differently than they do in the V8. There are also things in the vegetables that we don’t necessarily know about yet or about how they interact with other nutrients. To think that we can break down nutrients to their solo components and inject them into an industrialized product is to assume that we know what Nature is doing. We don’t! I would say, eat real vegetables as often as you can. Also check out the book In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.

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    V8 is certainly a very good supplement to a diet, however it should not replace vegetables entirely. It is useful on busy days when preparing healthy meals is just too hard to do or to fit in. Fruits and Vegetables have too many other health benefits than to pass up eating them as a whole food. They contain many antioxidants, lycopenes and many other nutrients that we probably haven’t even discovered yet.

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    The upside to drinking V8 for a serving of vegetables is that your body absorbs the nutrients faster because it is a liquid. However, coming in a can, there are concerns relating to preservation, as there has to be a lot of sodium to keep the product from going bad.

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