Is it OK to eat potatoes once they have started to sprout those little white things on them?



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    It’s generally best to avoid eating potatoes with sprouts on them.  Sprouts indicate that the starch within has been converted to sugar.  If the potato is still firm, however, it still has most of its nutrients and should be safe to eat.

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    You can eat potatoes with sprouts on them, but these are older potatoes that are preparing to grow roots and stems – they are ready to be planted. Often the potatoes are shriveled and look old. If the potato is still firm, you can cut around the area with the sprout and still use the potato. However, it would be best to either plant or compost these potatoes and get some news.

    You can extend the shelf life of potatoes by keeping them in a cool area, like an unheated garage or in your fridge.

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