Is it ok to eat a hamburger if its still pink inside?



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    If the meat you are consuming is pink or red inside then it was cooked to be rare or medium-rare. This is a common situation when ordering a steak or burger.

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    I would say it depends on the quality of the meat you are eating. I would never go near a fast food burger if it were pink in the middle and the same goes for most restaurants. However if they tell you where the meat comes from like Niman Ranch for example, it’s good quality meat. I like it medium rare.

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    A beef burger is made of animal flesh, and the pink part is uncooked animal flesh. Not to state the obvious, but one must think practically and literally about what one consumes. It might not make you sick, but it is certainly more likely to do so. What has the cow eaten? Do you know? What grade of beef is it? Was it a free-range cow? How old is the beef? These are important questions.

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    It is very important to know where your meat comes from. I would probably not eat a burger that was pink inside from a mediocre place where the staff was unsure about where their meat came from. BUT if I was at a reputable place that served high quality meat you better believe I would want that burger to be very pink inside- thats all the flavor and juices! 

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