Is it OK to call the pacific garbage patch a landfill?



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    I don’t think it would be offended.  However, in my opinion, a landfill is a place where we intend to dump our garbage, and most of the pacific garbage patch has gottten there due to careless littering and ocean currents rather than a planned dumping.

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    If how stuff works can get away with it, you’re probably alright calling it a landfill.

    I hope this helped!

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    The amount of plastic in the pacific garbage patch outnumbers the number of zooplankton the most abundant organism on the planet! There are tons of garbage in the gyre and it is in an area larger than the size of texas. Calling it a “patch” is a gross understatement however landfill is not all that accurate because it owuld be the worlds largest landfill, but not intentional. The garbage patch is there because of the lack f responsibility humans have for their trash. So no it wouldnt really be a landfill becasuse one its not on land, two we did not intentionally dumopt it in that area (it is swirling currents that pull it in), and three it is HUGE in size and is not contained in a small area closely compacted it is floating, sinking, ect in te water. Just because it is not considered a landfill does not mean that it is not a huge concern that we must change NOW.

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