is it neccessary to join institute for gre prep?



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    There are many online and library resources to help you through the preparation.

    1. Recognize where it is that you are struggling. To do this, take a practice test. Go to a local library and you will find many GRE prep books by the same companies that offer those expesive classes. In the back of the book, they will have practice tests. Do one or two, and recognize the areas you are struggling.

    2. Make a plan given the time that you have. It is obviously better to have more time,to absorb and learn the information, but you may also suceed if you have little time but are able to plan accordingly and study wisely.

    3. For math, practice practice practice. The books are awesome for this. They present to you a math function or operation, and then have you practice it. After you go over a section of quite a few functions, you will have a cumilitive practice test. These tests are an awesome way to prepare.

    4. For vocabulary, learn roots and prefixes. Look at the sites I provided or search google. There is a lot of help online. In my opinion, it is better to learn roots and prefixes because then even if you do not know a word, you can maybe figure it out. It is a lot more effective this way. Also, if you have time, read read and read.

    5. For essays, look on the GRE website. They tell you what the questions will be. There is a large pool and you will get 2 of them. Read through each one to at least understand what they are asking. For the ones that you are very unsure about, discuss them with a friend.


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