Is it more profitable to be a solar farmer or a chicken farmer?



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    The starting cost to buy a farm would be the first step to deduce profit. While solar farms are in the millions to buy, chicken farms are only in the hundreds of thousands(my father was a chicken farmer). The timeframe for a solar farm to make profit ranges from anywhere between 8 and 25 years, which is generally the same for a chicken farm. The key is that after payoff, solar farmers get paid for what their panels harvest whereas chicken farmers have to continuously take care of new chickens. So in terms of monetary and menial labor, it would be more profitable to have a solar farm in the long run.

    (You could also argue that chicken farms get a steady food supply while solar farmers get a steady energy supply too..)

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    The chiken farm is more profitable because almost everybody eats chiken apart from the vegans. It is far costlier to run a solar farm and the demand for chicken far more higher than the demand for solar power worldwide. man must eat! 

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