Is it more healthy to drink non fat milk or whole milk?



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    Since whole milk and skim milk contain identical benefits in terms of the vitamins and minerals contained within, the only difference is the amount of fat and calories. Although neither of these are harmful on their own, drinking skim will decrease your intake of fat and calories, so it is easier to intergrate into a healthy diet.

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    It is healthier for adults to drink non fat milk for a variety of reasons. First of all, non fat (also labeled fat-free and skim) contains much less fat and calories. Whole milk surprisingly contains a decent amount of saturated fat as well, a “bad” type of fat. Second, non fat actually contains more nutrients than the whole version. For the same size serving, skim milk has more protein, calcium, and potassium levels, and less cholesterol. In terms of vitamins received, both are about equal. The naturally found Vitamins A, D, E, and K are located in the fat; therefore, whole milk still contains them whereas they are removed from skim. However, these vitamins are added back in to non fat milk in the manufacturing process, with no harm or change to the vitamin content or health benefit of the original milk.

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