Is it more green to use real Christmas trees or synthetic ones?



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    There is a common misconception that synthetic trees are the way to go because you bring it out year after year rather than cutting down trees.  Synthetic trees, however, can break, they require fossil fuels and chemicals for production and are often unrecylable.  They end up in landfills, and the plastics and toxic PVCs leach into the air.  With age, plastic trees can cause lead exposure.

    On the other hand, real trees are often grown with pesticides.  If they are thrown out, they too end up in landfills.  If you get an organic Christmas tree, no pesticides are involved, you can usually be sure that they’re sustainably grown, and meanwhile the tree farm is acting as a carbon sink and providing oxygen to the atmosphere.  You must also make sure you recycle them, though!

    Overall, environmental reasons and my love for Christmas tradition vote in favor of real trees, but if you can, buy organic.  Keep the pesticides out of the land, out of the tree and out of your home.

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