Is it more green to go to a Laundromat or do your laundry at home?



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    It is likely more enironmentally friendly to do your laundry at home. You can purchase an energy- and water-saving washing machine (and energy-saving dryer). You can do laundry when you have a full load and regulate the amount of water that goes into the washer. You can use cold water to further help reduce the use of energy (by not having to use the hot water heater).

    If you go to the Laundromat many of the washers are older and many not be well maintained. You often have to dry for much longer because the dryers are not efficient. Also, you must factor in the use of gas to drive to and from the Laundromat.

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    The above response might be true but NOT if the laundromat you visit is new. 

    Four factors need to be considered:  Capacity, G-Force (Spin & Agitation), Dryers and Efficiency.

    I own a new facility which is energy efficient offering multi-load washer capacity.  This  means you can do multiple loads of laundry with virtually no additional water usage.  Electrical usage for our largest capacity machine (8 loads) uses only a fraction more power than a standard two load machine.  Most home units have a much smaller capacity which means more loads utilizing more power and water.

    Two other considerations are as follows:  Industrial machines agitate more aggressively providing a better clean and they require 1/2 to 1/3 less detergent to get the same clean…talk about helping the environment!  The last point about NEW equipment is that it spins at a higher G-Force than consumer grade equipment, meaning that it extracts more water from your clothing giving you a faster dry thus using less gas.  Last point is that my dryers have stainless steel drums which provide more efficient heat distribution and better drying capacity again using less gas to dry.

    Poorly run stores or older stores with little revenue hurt themselves.  I built my store to be green, cost less to run and maintain my equipment to peak performance levels benefiting my customers, the environment and me as an owner.

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