Is it more expensive to pay for renewable energy?



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    Unfortunately, renewable energy sources, such as solar thermal technologies, are far more expensive than coal, and solar panels on roofs usually generate more expensive electricity than solar thermal power. Energy-efficient technologies like solar and wind power have high up-front costs, but in the long-term, their running costs are lower because utilizing the sun or wind for energy is free. The bad news is as long as countries keep investing in coal, oil, fossil fuels, and other unrenewable sources, the price to go the alternative route will continue to remain high.

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    As nellieliz4 said, solar panels have high up-front costs, but pay for themselves in the long-term. The up-front costs of solar panels are also decreasing due to technological advancements. I estimate that solar power will eventually become the primary source of all electricity. Another great thing about solar power is that it can be generated locally on people’s rooftops. When electricity travels long distances in wires, some of that energy gets lost in the form of heat. By having solar panels close to the location where the energy is demanded, we will waste less electricity and we will no longer need huge power lines running everywhere.

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