Is it more environmentally friendly to burn candles at night instead of having the lights on? (since candles emit carbon as well?)



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    It depends on how many candles you’re burning and what kind of lightbulbs you’d be using.  A 40 watt bulb is equal to about 40 candles; hopefully you wouldn’t need 40 candles.  The carbon emissions of the 40 watt bulb equal the emission of 5 to 6 candles.   7 watt compact fluorescent lamps give off the carbon emissions of 1 candle and the light of 40.

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    If you want to burn candles go right ahead. Don’t worry about the carbon emissions because carbon dioxide is essential to human life, is not a poison gas, and has no damaging effect on the environment. Soy based candles are said to be the best because they leave the least amount of soot which can discolor walls, curtains, furniture, etc.  Candles or lights when wall power is available is an easy choice and should be made without any consideration of carbon emmisions. People are being trained to be afraid of carbon emissions to be taxed and more easily controlled by the global elite class, because they get to control us and steal our money using carbon taxes. A great deal for them and a really bad deal for us.

    With regard to when the wall power goes out, we use solar battery backup for the lights, refrigerator, and sump pump, typically needed when the wall power goes out after a storm.

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    Candles all put out different emissions based on what the candle is composed of. Fragranced candles have extra chemicals, oils etc. which create higher emissions. There have been multiple studies done over the past 20 years that have come to different conclusions about different candles. Every study studied different things such as particulate matter released, number of compounds going into the air, emission levels etc. Every one of the studies came to the same conclusion, that while every candle does put off some emissions, none of them pose any real threat to human health or the environment. One test even burned 30 candles for 4 hours with no ventilation and still posed no threat. It is definitely less of an environmental impact to burn candles. 

    (see PDFs from each study in link below)

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