Is it more efficient to drive your car with the windows down or the air conditioner on?



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    It is much more efficient to drive with your windows down. Air conditioning, in the home or in the car, as well as refrigerators involve chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) or halons. CFCs and halons are chemicals that damage the ozone layer of the earth and therefore they probably contribute to global warming. CFC production in the USA stopped in 1995. Halons are being phased out as well and they should be entirely phased out between 2020-2030. Other than driving with your car windows down, a way you can ensure you are helping rather than hurting the environment is by making sure any technician working on your air conditioner is certified by an EPA approved program. Check home and car air conditioners for leaks and make sure you properly dispose of air conditioning or refrigerator units. 

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    If your driving down a highway at speeds 55mph or higher, each window that is put down lowers your MPG.. It would depend on how fast your going and how many windows are down… 70mph with 4 windows down you are using more fuel than the windows up and the AC on..

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