Is it more eco friendly to wash your clothes or have them drycleaned?



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    It’s more eco-friendly to wash your own clothes.  Many dry-cleaners use toxic chemicals to treat clothing such as percholoroethylene.  It is classified by the EPA as a hazard air pollutant, and it is toxic to humans.  Dry cleaners usually use more energy as well, which causes more emissions.  Even those that claim to be “green” – be wary.  There is no system that regulates environmentally friendly dry cleaners, so do your homework before bringing your clothes to an “eco-friendly” dry cleaner.

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    Due to the increasing health risks associated with traditional dry cleaning, there are eco-friendly dry cleaners that are taking into consideration people’s health and the environment.  The LA Weekly reports that two out of the four traditional methods of eco-friendly dry cleaning are actually safe, the CO2 cleaning and wet cleaning methods.  Both methods do not create emissions and are non-toxic and safe to the environment. 

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    If you find a green dry-cleaner that is on your regular route it has potential to be better.  Visiting dry-cleaners outside of your “already on-the-way” uses extra fuel and emissions.

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