Is it more eco-friendly to have food delivered or to dine in restaurants?



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    To dine in restaurants!  At a restaurant your food (usually) doesn’t come in plastic bags, styrofoam containers, and with a heap of paper napkins and plastic spoons.  In addition, if a restaurant is employing a delivery person, that’s a person who is driving around all day, burning fuel, rather than folks who may carpool to the restaurant or walk over after work.  Also, at a restaurant dishes are washed in dishwashers, which saves water over washing them in a sink.  So, overall, dining-in is the eco-friendly choice. 

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    Using a dishwasher requires electricity which is less environmentally friendly than washing dishes by hand. If you leave the water running then washing by hand waists water, but if you have a pool of water to wash in then it uses less water. Other than that, I would still agree that going to a restaurant is more environmentally friendly.

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