Is it more eco friendly to grow plants in pots or in the ground?



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    One isn’t more eco friendly than the other off the bat. If the plants you were growing in the grown were grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizer it wouldn’t be all that eco friendly because you could be polluting the ground, pets, animals and possibly yourself. If not using those methods than it would be very eco friendly to plant them in the ground. Growing plants in pots can be eco-friendly if you were growing herbs, for instance, since you could have your own local herbs in pots in your kitchen in the winter instead of going to the store to purchase herbs that had to be shipped in from another country.  But if you were keeping large plants in pots all winter or something inside and had to water them when they would have died outside otherwise, than you would be using extra water that ordinarily wouldn’t have.  But these are just a few reasons why one or the other might be eco-friendly or not. In general both would be just as eco-friendly.

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    There are environmentally friendly growing pots available on the market.  You can check some out here:

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