Is it more common to be bit by a shark or struck by lightning?



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    According to, being struck by lightning is 100 times more likely than being attacked by a shark. Out of 8 million people it is estimate that 100 will be struck (and killed) by lightning. It also says that 80 will get venom poisoning and 40 will be struck by an asteroid. At the bottom of the list is the chances of getting attacked by a shark, at 1 out of 8 million. The estimated chances look something like this 0.0000135% chance of getting killed by lightning versus a 0.000000125% chance of getting eaten by a shark.

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    Many people are afraid of being attacked by a shark, but they overestimate a shark’s desire for human flesh. Sharks only attack humans when they mistakenly take them for their usual prey or feel threatened. People are three times more likely to be struck by lightning than be attacked by a shark. Additionally, they are 75% more likely to die from lightning than by a shark.

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