Is it mainly big corporations that cause deforestation?



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    No. Anthropogenic deforestation has many causes and is impacted by a large number of factors. In 2007 the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change reported that the largest single cause of deforestation is subsistence farming, responsible for 42% of the yearly depletion of global forest resources. In other words, small farmers, most of them in very poor countries, cleared more forest for their own farms than did for-profit enterprises. Commercial agriculture is the next largest cause, at 20%, but even this does not necessarily mean “big corporations,” as many for-profit farms are run by small businesses or even individuals. Wood extraction is also a significant cause of deforestation, with more fuel-wood (6% of total) being gathered on a not-for-profit basis–again, people in poor countries collecting wood for their own use–than economic fuel-wood harvesting (5%). Cattle ranching is ultimately responsible for 12% of deforestation, probably most of it in the Amazon basin, and many ranching interests are owned by corporations or by individual landowners with significant holdings.

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