Is it littering if I dump out a coke on the ground but keep the cup?



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    According to Littering can include “any solid or liquid material or product or combination of solid or liquid materials or products.” It is an intentional depositing, on either public or private property or waters, that creates either a “nuisance or health concern.” I would call it a nuisance. So I posit the answer is Yes, dumping out coke is littering.

    It is unlikely that you’ll be fined for this unless you do it in front of a cop who has nothing else to do, but if you pour it on the concrete it will make someones shoes sticky and be very unpleasant. It can also impede a gardeners ability to maintain plants if you pour coke all over them. For the sake of the greater public good save it and pour it down a drain or in a trash can. Note that some places consider coke too acidic of a waste to be added to waste treatment.

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