is it legal to own a raccoon in the state of Mass.?



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    No, it is illegal.

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    You can’t keep them as pets, but you can own them given that you pass inspections. Inspectors will look to make sure that the facility used to keep the raccoons are sanitary, keep them dry and safe, keep out predators, and many other rules. Check out MASS. REGS. CODE tit. 321, ยง2.12 #15 in the link below.

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    If you ever have any questions regarding which types of animals you can or cannot own with or without a wildlife permit in your State, your best bet is to always check with your states (in this case, Massachusetts) Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. The folks working this division will be able to inform you on what you are able to keep in your home without endangering yourself or the animal.

    As a side note: wildlife permits are usually only distributed to zoos and science facilities in need of wildlife.

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