Is it legal to own a parrot?



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    Parrots are popular pets, and make great companions, though they require a lot of care, ad this fact is usually underestimated by many owners, and a lot of consideration has to be taken before buying a parrot.

    A pet parrot is a lifelong commitment, as many parrot species live 20-50 years or more. Parrots are also very vocal – a loud parrot is a healthy, happy animal – and this can be a nuisance to neighbors, particularly in apartment buildings.

    They are a huge time commitment as well. They create a lot of mess and need a lot of cleaning. Parrots are also valued for their intelligence, an African Grey parrot is said to have the cognitive abilities of a 2 year old human child, which means their mind needs to be carefully cultivated as well as their bodies.

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    That depends on where you live. If you live in the US, it’s legal to own most breeds of parrot. Quaker parrots are considered illegal in some states, Consult the first link for a list of states and their specific restrictions. Other parrots are banned because they are threatened, but I doubt you’d run into any of those. If you buy a parrot from a reputed local pet store, chances are it’s legal.

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    The website I have provided features different sources on where to find various breeds of parrots. The main species of parrot that is illegal to own in some states is the Quaker Parrot. But check out some of these websites I have listed:

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    yes if it is not an endangerd spichies and you are in the us




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    It is legal to have a parrot as pets i had 4 of them and they were great and as long as you live in the US i don’t see why you have any problem with haveing one


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