Is it legal to have a pet shark?

And how much do they typically cost?



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    It’s legal to have a small pet shark, but they are hard to come by and even harder to take care of. They require huge 100gal aquariums, and a lot of care.Breeds of sharks kept as pets are “Nurse Sharks, Black tip reef shark, white tip reef shark, epaulette shark, wobbygong shark , leopard sharks and horn sharks” (1st link). These breeds can grow up to 13ft long, and usually people can find a dealer in exotic pets online, though many argue the exotic pet trade has gotten out of hand, and contributes to diminishing populations of some species. This is exacerbated by most expotic pet owners not fully understanding how to care for the animal, buying it as a collecter’s item.

    I haven’t found any information on how much a pet shark would cost, but I’ll bet that in addition to the sharks themselves being pricey, a 100 gallon tank, and the  as well as feeding and maintenence costs could put a huge strain on your bank account.

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    Sharks can, and are kept as pets, but only by rich and/or obsessive people as they require HUGE tanks, at least 5,000 gallons and filters that are beyond massive, because they’re rather messy eaters and need excellent water parameters. Certain species are prohibited to keep, like any on the C.I.T.E.S.(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) list, but several can be kept if you have the resources to do so.

    Eels are much more common, a 90 is sufficient for the smallest and they’re legal in most states.

    Piranhas are legal in about half the states. Some species are okay as individuals, but tend to be the largest, none of them stay small, so your looking at a pretty good sized tank again with heavy filtration, for the same reason as the sharks, but at least it’s fresh water, unlike sharks or true eels.

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    I don’t think people need to be rich (they may elect to spend less on other things)  or obsessive to wish or desire to possess beautiful or powerful animals.  But, another question might be “is it a good idea to keep a pet shark” or any other non-domesticated animal in a private home.  It can certainly be appealing, but it is usually best to let animals, fish, birds, whatever they may be, stay in their proper environments.  There are many things that contribute to the well being of any animal, and one of them is their environment including proper lighting, temperature, water, food, others of their species and so on.

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    it not legal but it should because when you feed it could bite you,and also when it grow it can break the fish tank and also it can wiggle and come to you for revenge and eat u like a seal.a shark is like a demona shark is like a demon

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