Is it legal to eat horse meat or camel meat in America?



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    Horse meat legal in a lawbook sense, but it’s generally frowned upon. People have tried in the past to pass laws to block it, but it remains a frowned upon legality. So its a taboo, but not against the law.


    As for camel meat, it’s less a taboo because less people think of it. But given that there are companies that sell it in the states, it would seem it isn’t illegal either.

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    Although there is conflicting evidence out there, it seems as if it is legal to consume horse in the US.  For example, in Florida “selling horse meat is legal if it is ‘stamped, marked and described as horse meat for human consumption.'” but it is illegal to steal the horses from their natural environment or private property and slaughter (and mark) them improperly ( 

    It is legal to eat camel meat although it is not popular and would be extremely difficult to find in any commercial setting (restaurant, grocery store, etc). 


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